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A Company That Cares

Donelson Construction is a family-run business that truly cares about each and every client.

A team that knows no limits

"Design. Build. Live." Let us walk you through the process to change your home & your life.

  • A picture-perfect portfolio

    Ten years full of happy clients equals a wide array of beautiful home additions & transformations to behold. DC can proudly look back at all of their jobs knowing they gave their client the very best.

  • Custom client experiences

    We feel every client’s story is different so no two homes should be the same. Each project has a thoughtful design and surprising touches that will enhance everyday living.

  • Adaptability at its finest

    With years of experience and knowledge on our side, our company has the flexibility to complete any challenges that may arise on the jobsite. We strive to find the best solutions to clients problems.

  • The right reputation

    Our team has earned a solid reputation as a quality construction group who finishes projects on time, safely, and within the budget. Owners can trust DC to get the job done right.

"Every project our company takes on is more than just a job—it is something our client has to live with every single day. Planning is integral, collaboration is key, and the result is an uninterrupted workflow which helps deliver a project to the full satisfaction of our client. Every member of our team is committed to providing the best experiences and results for our customers."
Michael R. Donelson
Owner, Donelson Construction

What can Donelson Construction do for you?

Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

Not loving your outdated bathroom anymore? We can transform your powder room into an modern, updated area you'll be sure to love!

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Expert Tilework & Flooring

We install tile of all shapes, sizes, and types. We can put in flooring, wall paneling, or kitchen backsplashes in any room of your home!

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Plus Everything Else

From kitchens and fireplaces, to roofing and decks—we do it all. Our versatility allows us to successfully adapt to fit any project's needs!

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